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We Are On YouTube & The Elite Advisor

( to view Removing Your Roadblocks To Success – 10 Minute Video, click on the arrow twice in the middle of the picture )

Thank you to Peter Lantos of The Elite Advisor for inviting us to participate on their web site through their World Class Coaches Page and E-newsletter. Click here to Join The Elite Advisor- Marketing Strategies to Help Advisors Attract and Retain Quality Clients.

In preparing our material for The Elite Advisor, we upgraded our Removing Your Roadblocks To Success – 10 Minute Video from Quicktime to YouTube so that the video will play without any hiccups and you can view the video by clicking the arrow in the TV screen above.

Here is the link to the Leading Advisor Page on The Elite Advisor – World Class Coaches Site.

Peter invited us to post the following articles and streaming video on the site;

1. As You Approach 2008, Are You 100% Confident?
2. What Are The Significance Of Values, Positive Beliefs And Positive Emotions On Your Business?
3. Removing Your Roadblocks To Success – 10 Minute Video
4. Eliminating Procrastination – Part 1
5. Eliminating Procrastination – Part 2
6. Have You Emotionally Retired?

I believe this series of publications will provide value to the readers of The Elite Advisor.

We look forward to posting articles on The Elite Advisor on a regular basis.