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Values remind you of the energy that brought you into existence

First day off of a week when I am not doing one on one coaching calls. And to all you people that I adore and enjoy talking to on a weekly basis, thanks for the week off.

So what do I do on one off these coaching “off” weeks?

I get the opportunity to work on special projects. I spent the first part of the morning on final preparations for a 1 hour speaking presentation that I am doing on Tuesday. Really happy with the brand new Power Point presentation that we have developed. Next, I reviewed the final details on the Web Resources and Products & Services upgrade that we should be finished up with this week. Did the payables and Walla! Done for the day!

And now I am writing the Blog.

In preparation for tomorrow’s speaking engagement, I’ve been thinking – Why don’t people take the time to define their values and create their vision?

It is because we are programmed and a deep primal level to go after what we need versus what we really value. Most don’t realize that needs are unfulfilling at a deep level and that values are what truly fulfill us.

So when one is programmed at a deep primal level to go after needs and the needs have continued to lack fulfillment, then one goes “why bother!” Nothing seems to work.

I’ve been reading Dr. Wayne Dyer’s – Power Of Intention. An excerpt of the book prompted me to write –

Your true values, not the unmet needs of your dysfunctional ego mind, help you align and remind you of the energy of creation.

When you identify your values and associate your actions to your values from within yourself, and ask the question of who can I serve today, you remind yourself of the energy that brought you into existence.

My values are Attraction, Currency/Energy, Encouragement, Partnering/People, Professionalism/Quality/Service, Sense/Wisdom, Teaching, Understanding/Empathy and Venture.