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“Values & Behaviors Based Selling” Workshop, Friday, October 21st 2005

I was reminded of the value that is offered in a workshop that I facilitate called “Values & Behaviors Based Selling” during a coaching call yesterday.

I was discussing how my client might adjust their Behavioral Style to suite that of a client that they were going to be meeting to “list” their home.

My client’s Behavioral Style is “Influencer”.

Characteristics Include:

?؂Äö¬ß Social
?؂Äö¬ß People-oriented lack of attention to details
?؂Äö¬ß May over-promise
?؂Äö¬ß May be “too talkative”
?؂Äö¬ß May close too slowly, or not at all
?؂Äö¬ß Enthusiastic
?؂Äö¬ß Wordy, non logical presentation

Their client’s Behavioral Style is “Analytical”.

When an “Influencer” is dealing with an “Analytical”, here are some things to keep in mind;

?؂Äö¬ß Keep your distance
?؂Äö¬ß Do not touch
?؂Äö¬ß Give them the facts, figures and proof
?؂Äö¬ß Do not waste time
?؂Äö¬ß Do not be personal
?؂Äö¬ß Be friendly and direct
?؂Äö¬ß Answer all questions, then close
?؂Äö¬ß Be concerned with details

By comparison, do you see how there will be conflict between these two styles if my client does not adjust their Behavioral Style?

I plan to offer a One-Day Live “Values & Behaviors Based Selling” Workshop, Friday, October 21st 2005 in Vancouver, B.C. – details to follow.