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Unpacked For The Last Time This Year

It was great to unpack my bags for the last time this year on Tuesday morning having arrived home last night from completing #32 & #33 speaking presentations, my last two speaking presentations for the year on Monday, November 26th at Pro-Seminars in Richmond, BC where I was the opening speaker and at The Independent Financial Brokers Summit in Vancouver, BC where I was the closing speaker.

Our speaking was a success and the reason that I say that is;

• we were invited to speak at aFinancial Conference and at an MGA Firm’s 2008 Kick Off Meeting
• two strong advisors requested an opportunity to speak with me about becoming a client
• we received loads of new E-Newsletter Subscribers

Laura and I left Vancouver, BC at 5:30pm to catch a 7pm Ferry from Horseshoe Bay to Nanaimo, BC tuning into the radio to hear about “crashes” going on at the bottom of the steep hill heading into the ferry terminal as we were getting hit with the first snow of season … we made it home safe and sound.

As I recall, I spoke at The Independent Financial Brokers Summit in Vancouver, BC on Monday, November 27th of last year which was when we got hit with a huge storm with snow, wind, power outages and freezing temperatures.

It is fun to be able to look back at what I was doing during that same week last year;

November 27, 2006 – Fun, Irony & Doing The Right Thing
November 27, 2006 – A Shower By Candlelight
November 27, 2006 – Still Without Electricity
November 27, 2006 – 🙁 I’m Spoiled By Electricity
November 28, 2006 – BC Canadians Unite! Stop Whining In A Winter Wonderland!