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Understanding Transition & Change Will Help You During This Economic Transition 

Now is the best time to be a financial services professional, whether as a financial advisor or financial planner, whether your focus is on money or insurance.

Your clients and prospects require your help more than ever as the financial world is in transition, driven by the following factors;

  • Covid
  • Stimulus Packages 
  • Supply Chain
  • Political Unrest
  • Omicron
  • Stock Markets
  • Inflation 
  • War
  • Interest Rates
  • Real Estate Correction
  • Monkey Pox
  • Recession
  • Polio
  • Shrinkflation
  • Stagnation

To serve your clients and prospects, you must understand the difference between change and transition because your business and personal life will be stuck in a massive spiral of losing confidence to move forward.

Change relates to external situational things.

Transition relates to the internal psychological process of adapting to change.

You must understand the difference between change and transition because they can be confusing & lonely or freeing & adventuresome.

Here are areas of change and transition that have likely been going on in your business and personal life since the beginning of Covid 19.

  • Personal Change
    • Age, Fitness & Health 
      • Limited number of moves left
      • Decisions increasingly consequential
      • Legacy and mortality are profound and urgent
    • Entertainment & Fun
    • Family & Friends 
    • Financial
    • Love
    • Physical Office Environment 
    • Self / Personal Development 
  • Business Change – Financial Advisors/Planners 
    • Branding
    • Commission / Fee For Service
    • Compliance & Licensing 
    • Information & Time Management 
    • Leadership
    • Marketing & Sales – Live to Virtual 
    • Office Environment 
    • Products & Services
    • Technology & Equipment 
    • Team Structures
    • Succession 
    • Vision, Mission & Purpose 

Since 2018, Leading Advisor has been busy with coaching clients, creating customized processes and systems for our clients, live & virtual speaking, and creating a scalable digital inspirational coaching program.

I didn’t even notice until August of 2022, when we settled in Victoria, BC., that we have been experiencing the effects of concurrent transitions. 

You can read more about our concurrent transitions that we have made in our business and personal lives at the bottom of this blog; Concurrent Transitions April 2022. 

I’ve come to realize that while I have spent years creating and completing a scalable digital inspirational coaching program, at the end of the day, financial services professionals, for the most part, are not interested in inspiration because financial services professionals and everyone else;

  • Have been spoiled by the bull market that had been running since March of 2009; it’s unbelievable that March of 2009 was over 13 years ago.
  • Must understand the mechanics of transition to create sustainable, inspirational change. 

While creating sustainable, inspirational change may sound very subjective, sustainable inspirational change must be at the core of the following improvements that financial services professionals want in their business;

  • Team Structures
  • Customer Service Processes & Systems 
  • Succession
  • Transition 

Understanding transition gives you the wisdom to clarify your purpose, and your why, make course corrections, get things wrong, experience doubt, build experience, recognize wins, celebrate milestones, and manage your narrative towards a purposeful growth mindset.

Deeping my understanding of transition inspires me to revisit the Vision, Mission & Purpose work I did in 1995 with CoachU and through The Path, written by Laurie Beth Jones.

I am beyond passionate about The Inspirational Tipping Point.

I am upgrading my coaching and speaking to include The Transitional Tipping Point, which will cover change, transition, and inspiration.

Understanding change, transition, and inspiration helps financial services professionals meet and exceed their goals and help their clients and prospects create a plan to grow assets, protect assets, save tax, and leave a legacy.

3 Appointment Setting Strategies That Work in Any Economy will include The Transitional Tipping Point on October 7th, 2022, where I speak LIVE at NAIFA Cedar Valley, Iowa.

Thank you for the opportunity to be of service,


Concurrent Transitions April 2022

Laura and I moved to Victoria on August 1st

Our move was inspired on April 5th, my birthday, during our regular lunchtime walks around Craig Bay in Parksville.

As Laura and I passed by yet another new real estate listing wondering how much the asking price would be over the last listing and how many days the listing would last on the market.

As we passed by a real estate for sale sign, I asked Laura; what did you want to do. Laura said, ‘I want to sell and move to Victoria to be closer to my Mom.’ So we did.

During this, Laura’s mother, Helen, at 91, got Covid with pneumonia and was hospitalized for two weeks. Thank goodness we were doubly concerned as Helen has been dealing with a diagnosis of Vasculitis since April of 2021, just as we were finishing up moving Helen from her home of 35 years to an Independent Seniors Complex. Helen’s new home is like being on a cruise ship without the water.

As I write this, I realize we have had two big moving projects in two years.

Our real estate listing went live on April 29th and sold on May 30th with no subjects, a whopping 208% more than we paid back in 2004. We hit the market at the peak, and prices have already dropped 25%.

We both got Covid on July 21st and packed our way through Covid.

I have no idea which was tougher, moving and simplifying our business and personal lives from 2800 square feet down to 1200 square feet or getting Covid. 

Being double vaccinated and boosted, with regular yoga, resulted in mild symptoms, mainly sinus headache and flu-like symptoms. But not like any flu that I’ve had before. 

Getting Covid during packing was a blessing to be the observer of the body colluding with the mind about how miserable they both felt, staying present as I am not my body mind.

“Stop me before I buy again” was/is my new mantra going through sixteen years of business and personal possessions that have possessed me to some degree over the years. Another opportunity to observe the amygdala’s attacks; “why did you buy that you idiot – do you know how much that cost?!?” 

Another opportunity to stay awake as this was what my father said to me. In those days, my amygdala bought things in the absence of the consciousness of self love.

As we unpacked, Laura and I had another go at identifying everything else that could go to Goodwill because if it is not an heirloom or something we appreciate, like art or something we are using, it will be Goodwill. 

Laura and I did our best with this approach before we left Parksville, and it required a revisit while we were on a roll.

While we miss our friends and Parksville, we love Victoria, being close to Helen, living within a vibrant community, with nearly everything being a 3-5 minute walk or 3-5 minutes by car. I didn’t realize how much I missed the convenience of living in a city.