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“Two Strikes You’re Out!”

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‘Two Strikes You’re Out!’

In my last Blog, ‘Oversell Just Like Hotels & Airlines?’ I shared my thoughts about ‘Overselling’.

I stated that we will NOT Oversell to compensate for our valued and respected clients having challenges making appointments for very valid reasons.

At the same time, we must respect the value that we offer.

Part of that value that we offer is creating the opportunity for our clients to raise their standards to put themselves ‘first’ and to take the time out of their busy schedule to do some work on themselves and their business via there coaching appointment and assignments versus looking after everyone else’s needs.

Yet, clients are unaware of how addicted they are to their unmet needs of safety which supports their limiting belief of ‘they have no time’. They are also unaware of how addicted they are to unmet needs of approval, control, recognition and worthiness and they will rarely have time for themselves while they unconsciously seek these unmet needs through looking after everyone else’s needs.

So to respect ourselves and the time that is irreplaceable when a client cancels on short notice I am going to ask those clients that cancel or reschedule two appointments in a row to find another coach.

It is kind of like baseball except it is ‘Two Strikes You’re Out!’