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Two Chai Tea Soy Lattes – about $8.88, the Toronto Coaching Study Group Meeting – PRICELESS

Laura & I had an excellent trip to Toronto for our June 1 – 3 Coaching Study Group Meeting with Chris Barrow and about 20 Coaches from Canada, the UK and USA.

We stayed at The Royal York where they were shooting “Truth, Justice & the American Way”. While the 20 of us were on our way back from dinner on Wednesday evening, we walked right into the middle of a full scale Hollywood film shoot in the hotel lobby starring Adrien Brody (The Pianist). Diane Lane & Ben Affleck were also rumored to be on set. We hung around and watched the filming – interesting and fun.

The June 1 – 3 Coaching Study Group Meeting;

* Yearly Fee – about $4000.00

* Two Chai Tea Soy Lattes at the Vancouver Airport Starbucks – about $8.88

* Air Fair for Two to Toronto from Vancouver – about $1300.00

* Hotel Stay at The Royal York – about $1150.00

* Meals and Entertainment – about $300.00

Having the Friendship, Inspiration and Systems through working with Chris Barrow – Perhaps the only World Class Business Coach that Works with Coaches to Build Sustainable and Successful 6-Figure Coaching Practices that has Actually Built and Continues to Build and Operate His Own Sustainable and Successful 6-Figure Dental Coaching Business School in the UK –

The Toronto Intensive Provided Laura and I with: * Clarification that Niche Is Knowing Whom NOT To Work With * Zippier Public Speaking Titles * A System to Introduce Public Speaking Gigs to Strategic Alliance Partners to Launch Regional to National Public Speaking Gigs * Content To Model and Develop Workshops to Introduce our November 15th, 2005 “Get Your Year In Gear Program” and January 15th, 2006 Year Long “Advisor Business School Program” –