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Trying to do too much multi tasking

The 3rd day of cardio and a 1 hour work out with Dayna and feeling great and had the best sleep I’ve had in ages.

While I do my cardio, I take my projects list and my to do list from the previous day and develop an action plan for the day. Today I was looking at my projects and decided to postpone re-writing our marketing plan along with a plan, job description and ad for a Marketing & Sales Assistant. I realized that I was trying to do too much. I completed my action plan for the day. Then I dropped all my notes on the floor. The person beside me on the “step machine” said with a smile, “trying to do too much multi tasking”.

Booked two 1 hour speaking presentations yesterday with 40 life insurance agents.

Spoke with an individual who could really use coaching. Thinking about why people don’t take the opportunity to change. It is Fear based. Fear of loss of control, Fear of the unknown, Fear of their feelings – more on this in my e-newsletter.