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Trust The Process

Monday was a great day as Laura and I invested the day in a live planning session with one our long term clients and their executive assistant.

My client and I have been working together since December 7, 2000.

As we worked on systems to yet again expand their vision using systems that include a quarterly review process, setting new 90 day goals, improved time management as well as creating additional support systems my client commented that;

We have been working together for the best part of ten years and when I first started working with you I could feel my resistance and I remember you said “trust the process and a year from now, you will not believe the progress that you have made”.

My client has made millions of dollars and they have made many millions of dollars for their clients in turn.

I truly feel honored to be in the business that I am in working with my clients to “kick at the darkness until it bleeds daylight” – Bruce Cockburn