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True Confessions … More Power Points – No Book Work Yet But …

Rick Mercer

It’s 8:20pm EST on Friday evening and I have just finished watching Rick Mercer being interviewed by George Stroumboulopoulos on The Hour on CBC Television.

Funny thing is I was at the SeaAir seaplane terminal in Richmond, BC last Thursday and who was sitting outside leaning back with his feet up on a patio table smoking a cigarette and talking on his cell phone??? You guessed it, Rick Mercer.

So George said to Rick; “So you have got a new book, how did you find the time?” Rick said something like; “I was moving my office and looked at all the documents on my computer so I decided to print them off. When I was done I figured I had a good enough stack so I said I could make a book out of this so I gave it to an editor guy and they somehow made a book out of it!”

* * *

It’s 5:30pm EST on Friday and I have just finished working on fine tuning the Power Point for tomorrow’s workshop for The Cumis Group.

The presentation is a 2 ½ hour workshop, 1.5 hours longer that my regular 1 hour Removing Your Roadblocks Power Point. It is not about a shortage of material, it is about making sure that the sequays are in place so that one topic flows to the next.

I also committed to adding a topic about Marketing Within The Credit Union Branch and the points of the three new Power Points are at the bottom of this Blog.

After my late breakfast I took a lunchtime walk around the grounds of the Hilton Lac-Leamy, Gatineau, QU.

After that, I went back to work on making Saturday’s presentation for The Cumis Group a 101% success.

I’ll head to the airport in Ottawa, ON for a 5pm flight to Hamilton, ON and then a car will pick me up and drive me to Kitchener, ON.

Branch Marketing – Prepare To Explain Your Client Process;

Members of the branch will not share until you show them how much you care.

• Know Your Values
• Design Your Vision
• Explain How It Makes You Feel
• Create A Center Of Authenticity – What Do You Do Best? 
• Create An Elevator Speech

• “I help my clients to focus on growing their business, career and family by eliminating the distractions caused by the fear of losing it all.” – Would you like to know more?

• Write Your Parable

o “… as a result of Jane and Don investing in ___________, they were able to carry on with their lives and if they had not, the costs would have been devastating.” – Ask For Commitment – “Based on what I have told you, does investing in _____________ make sense to you?”

Branch Marketing – The Way I Work With My Clients Is …

• I work with clients who are looking to develop a long term financial plan and a relationship with their advisor. – Does that make sense to you?

• Our relationship is a step by step process including;

o Improving cash flow
o Savings
o Securing your future and health care
o Investments- Does that make sense to you? Is there anything else that you would like to add into your plan?

• We meet on a regular pre-scheduled basis at 30, 90 or 180 intervals depending on your needs.

• In order to proceed this is what I require;

o A
o B
o C

• If what I have said make sense to you, why don’t you think about it or would you like to schedule our appointment right now so that you can bring in;

o A
o B
o C

Branch Marketing – Presenting One On One / Group

• Would you like to have a conversation, a meeting, breakfast, coffee, lunch because I would like to share more about what we can do for our clients?

• Ask … Why do you do what you do?
• Ask … What value does our company bring to our clients?
• Ask … What value do you bring to our clients?
• Ask … How does that make you feel?
• Explain … The way I work with my clients is … (demonstrate values, vision, feelings, centre of authenticity, elevator speech, parable
• Ask … Who do you know that may appreciate the same kind of products and services that I have talked about … wait three seconds and say …

Presenting To A Group – Hold a Vision Meeting Every 4 – 6 Weeks following the same format.