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Trip To Pro-Seminars Vancouver, BC

Thursday starts at 5am PDT to catch a Float Plane from Nanaimo, BC to Richmond, BC to speak at 9am at Pro-Seminars Vancouver, BC Event.

I’m taking two different Financial Advisor Public Speaking PowerPoints with me as I will offer a new PowerPoint Presentation in the event that 30% of the audience has seen me in the past.

Then it is a 3 hour wait from 10am – 1pm to catch a return flight back to Nanaimo.

So what to do with the 3 hours?

• Complete our 1st quarter review. The next step will be to create, prioritize and time line our 90 day goals for the next quarter.

• Upgrade my cell phone as the relic that I am using will not longer hold a sufficient charge to take me across Canada on my longer trips. Even though I have a spare battery, I am out of juice by the time I get to places like London, ON.

• Write my April 15th E-Newsletter