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Trip To Advocis North Central Saskatchewan

I’m almost midway through my speaking year with 17 National Financial Advisor Speaking Presentations completed and 2 to go in Toronto, ON and Calgary, AB. We completed 35 in 2006 so that brings the completed total to 52 and if you figure the average attendance @ 75, this means I have been in front of approximately 4000 Financial Advisors in the past 17 months.

Mission accomplished! We have created a strong identity in Financial Advisor Coaching and Speaking. The next step is to grow the identity by writing a book. It’s because it is all about Speaking, Coaching and Writing and you can’t have one without the other. The focus on writing will make the business more scalable bringing our message to more and more Financial Advisors. This will be achieved through larger and larger speaking presentations.

As I’m reflecting on a huge year of accomplishments, while reflecting on having two more Financial Advisor Speaking Presentations to complete, and that summer is right around the corner …

Here is a shot of outside of my window of the de-icing machine de-icing the plane in Calgary, AB at 10pm, CDT on May 23rd, 2007 on my way to Saskatoon, SK for Thursday’s Advocis Speaking Presentation.

As I watch the de-icing which will delay the landing in Saskatoon, SK till midnight, the approach of summer is really starting to sink in.

I’m so looking forward to working with my clients, one week on and one week off and being off the road as speaking will not resume until September. I’ll invest the off weeks in fun with Laura, relaxation, rest, business development and writing.

Many thanks to Laurianne Osmak, CLU, Advocis Program Chair – Advocis North Central Saskatchewan for making the Education Day possible and for creating the opportunity for me to present Removing Your Roadblocks To Success.

The audience is engaged.

Terry McBride, CFP, CLU, Advocis President – Advocis North Central Saskatchewan

Without sounding too self absorbed, the look on my face demonstrates the level of appreciation that I received after the speaking presentation and the level of the quality of the speaking presentation. Aren’t we all legends in our own minds?