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Traveling Is Like A Box Of Chocolates

The stark view from my hotel window as compared to last week’s Leading Advisor Afternoon at the Beach.

I find that the trick to business traveling is to bring a lot of work projects to do to stay active as views like this could make you think that you are in George Orwell’s 1984 with only a bleak future ahead.

It’s about 4:45pm EDT on Monday, August 20, 2007. I am taking the time to write this Blog as I have a break between coaching calls and I want to clear things out of the way as I will be working with clients until 6:45pm EDT because I am talking with clients on the west coast.

So traveling is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you are going to get.

I arrived at the hotel on Sunday night looking forward to dinner only to find out that they only open their restaurant for a continental breakfast, not for lunch and dinner is only Monday – Friday. It must make sense to Fairfield Inn & Suites – Marriott.

So I did some vigorous cardio showered and then tried to figure out dinner.

So thank goodness for Mr. Greek which provided take out by delivery as there are no restaurants that are close by, at least within walking distance and I wasn’t going to hire a cab to go to dinner. Mr. Greek’s food was excellent.

I invested Sunday evening in preparing for my client calls on Monday and tweaking the Power Point presentation yet again and writing Monday’s Blog. To adjust to the time and not to go to bed too early, I settled in to watch Miss Marple on Detroit Public Television. There is nothing like a good mystery, especially if it is not loaded with commercials.

So on Monday morning, I could hear my ego mind quietly in the distance muttering and imagining how bad the continental breakfast was going to be. Not so, the breakfast was surprisingly good.

So I had my microwaved egg sandwich with some tea and I was set for the day.

That was it for caffeine for the day as I am been sticking to increasing my water intake by 10 fold and I am off caffeine along with the afternoon headaches now and then.

I sat down and completed a full day of coaching which again will wrap up at 6:45pm EDT as I am working with clients on the west coast.

Mr. Greek take out delivery answered the call for lunch and dinner as I preordered for dinner, not wanting to go out to the hotel restaurant. It was either Mr. Greek or Pizza XYZ meaning every Pizza Franchise known to mankind is close by.

So with this Blog out of the way and with my client files reviewed for Tuesday, I’ll go for a workout, shower and read before I go to bed.

A huge day on Tuesday with an 8am speaking presentation, one client call in the morning and then client calls back to back for the afternoon till 5:45pm EDT and then a 9pm flight to London, Ontario as I speak again at 8am on Wednesday, August 22nd, Then I have a 12 noon flight back to the west coast.

Thank goodness for;

• My Power Point is ready to go
• That I am very organized
• That I have peace of mind
• Next week has one day of clients and four days of writing.
• Time to work on my book and with the publishing of the book, a whole new world will evolve