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Travel Day 4 Of 14 – We Are A Hit!

Honestly, I am getting tired out and this relates to my travel schedule from May 7 – June 10 speaking in Vancouver, BC, Regina, SK, Oshawa, ON, Saskatoon, SK, Toronto, ON and then onto London, England which will total 29,000 km of travel, that’s 73% the way around the world … enough whining …

Joy to the world or should I say, joy to the audience at The Toronto Independent Financial Brokers Summit for the more than 300 attendees that we had at our Wednesday May 30th Removing Your Roadblocks Presentation.


With 800 registrants and ours being one of four breakout sessions, we were expecting around 200 attendees and the 300 attendees exceeded our expectations.


Our expectations were also exceeded with the new E-Newsletter Subscriptions following our presentation. This will bring our E-Newsletter Subscribers to over 4000.

We also had more than a dozen people lined up at the end who wanted to talk with me and there were more than that many that want to become a Leading Advisor client.

The Toronto Independent Financial Brokers Summit included a Trade Show. Laura and I went around to each of the exhibitors to find out which of the exhibitors produced Financial Advisor Educational Events where they brought in outside speakers to add value to the events. I am sure that we are going to attract some new speaking opportunities.

It is no secret that speakers receive a far better response from larger audiences and we are looking forward to speaking to more than 400 Financial Advisors on behalf of Pro-Seminars in Las Vegas on September 11th, 2007. This event is selling out so make sure that you register early.

A great way to end the speaking season … well just about, we have one more Removing Your Roadblocks Presentation for Pro-Seminars on June 19th in Calgary, AB. Then we are off the road from speaking until September.

Tomorrow brings morning calls with clients and then we are off to the airport for a 6:30pm EDT flight to England.