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Travel Day 13 Of 14 – A Vision In The Environment Of 1066.

Chris gave me an archeological lesson on Buckland House before breakfast.


We walked round the house to determine which parts were rebuilt in 1810 after the fire in 1790.

Dr. Archeological Barrow has determined that “the room” that we called “The White Room”, which was the only part of the house that did not burn down in 1790, dates back to Elizabethan times to the 1500’s. It is likely that Buckland House has been rebuilt many times since it was given to Richard de Filleigh for is bravery while on campaign with William The Conqueror ( 1066 – 1087 ).

Laura and I used “The White Room” as our breakout room over the four days of the retreat to finalize our vision, plan and financial plan.

Dr. Archeological Barrow also determined that the adjoining church dates right back to Norman Times ( 1066 – 1166 ) given that square tower of the church.

Click here for more information on Buckland House.

Laura and I took a tour of The Church of St Mary & Holy Trinity which again, is right beside Buckland House.

You can see by the square architecture of the tower that the church dates back to Norman times.

The church was filled with over a dozen of these stained glass windows.

Laura and The Holy Bible.

It’s about 2:30pm BST on Friday and we are on the train from Exeter to Paddington Station in London.

We enjoyed the rest of the morning with Chris and Annie getting a few last questions answered and sharing our appreciation for an absolutely fantastic Retreat and that it could not have gone better. We are happy that Chris and Annie have become very good friends and we are looking forward to them coming to visit us in Canada.

We also made a commitment to attend next years Retreat which will be in Lake Como, Italy.

Saying goodbye while sad was more like until we meet again as we will e-mail, talk from time and stay connected through Chris’s Blog.

Chris graciously provided us with transportation back and forth to the train station at Exeter.

Chris’s last words work “now get out there and make it happen”.

We had a ride in a beautiful Mercedes 500 S Class Saloon … for about five minutes.

Have you ever ridden with one of those drivers that has no clue what “feather the gas” means and it was STEP ON THE GAS … coast … STEP ON THE GAS … to make matters worse we were on a road that was like a dog’s hind leg with corner after corner … coast … STEP ON THE GAS … as I said to myself “this is what car sickness must feel like” as I have never experienced it … looking over I noticed that Laura was turning green and I had to get her to focus on watching the centre of the road versus the lurching of the car … then it got worse as the driver took a cell phone call … the driver started to get fidgety after that and start twitching in the middle of coast … STEP ON THE GAS … coast … STEP ON THE GAS …

I was contemplating asking him if it was the cruise control that was causing the gas to feel like coast … STEP ON THE GAS … coast … As I looked out at all the cows along the way … STEP ON THE GAS … coast … when the fidgeting started I was even thinking of offering some emotional release work.

The line up for the $132.00 cab ride from Paddington Station, back to our first hotel to collect our stored bags and then out to the Renaissance London Heathrow Hotel for the night awaiting Saturday afternoon’s flight home.

Chris Barrow was right when he said you will be on the tarmac … this is the view taken from our hotel room window. The soundproofing is amazing.