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Travel Day 11 Of 14 – Biking To Instow

It’s 9:25pm BST on Wednesday and I am absolutely wiped out.

We have just finished dinner and the group is all dancing, I’m writing this Blog and Laura is doing some laundry to keep us going.

Laura, Annie, Chris and I left Buckland House at 9:30am and cycled the entire day on the Tarka Trail and did not return until 7pm. We cycled over 35 miles over hill and dale through the English Country Side to the port village of Instow. By the pain in my legs there was a hell of a lot more hill then there was dale.

We were blessed with incredible weather and Laura and I really got to know Chris and Annie at a brand new level and we really brought our friendship into bloom. We had the chance to have long conversations both business and personal.

I am wrapping up now as I want to join the Disco in the Ballroom.

Tomorrow is going to be invested in Finance.

Laura, Annie and Chris at the start of The Tarka Trail.

Daredevil photography.

The English Countryside was absolutely beautiful.