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Travel Day 10 Of 14 – Time, Is On My Side, Yes It Is

As long as I’m in the UK, I may as well quote one of the all time British greats, The Rolling Stones – “Time, Is On My Side, Yes It Is”

We spent a huge part of the day on time management. Planning the time for the next 12 months for holidays, free days, buffer days and focus days™. These are all trade marks of Dan Sullivan of The Strategic Coach.

We also invested time with Chris on our Product Funnel.

Chris Barrow, Laura and I at Buckland House, June 5th, 2007

In brief, free days are non-work days, buffer days are planning / product development days and focus days are client and speaking days.

Here are our numbers;

• Free days – 149
• Buffer days; planning – 38
• Buffer days; product development – 56
• Focus days – 122
• Total – 365

Laura was please to find out that we take:

• 41% of the year off
• 26% of the year on planning and product development
• 33% of the year on income generating activity

The group average was:

• 40% of the year off
• 20% of the year on planning and product development
• 40% of the year on income generating activity

What is interesting about all of this is it falls in line with Pareto’s Principal (80/20 Rule) in that 80% of the time is spent on time off and on income generating activity. 20% of the year is spent on planning and product development

“When you can express something in numbers, then you know something about it” – Lord Kelvin

One of the key points is that we need to focus on being the best that we can be during focus days to enable us to create the product development days.

Its 3pm BST and we are about to present our one year plan to the group and then we are off for a walk to the pub.

Ironically, tomorrow is a free day and we have rented cycles and we are going to cycle The Tarka Trail which is the most famous cycling trail in Britain.

Here is One Year Planning Calendar with green for free days, blue for buffer days – planning, yellow for buffer days – product development and red for focus days.

The Billiard Room at Buckland House.