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Travel Day 1 Of 14 – Traveling Heavy

Our 14 days of travel to Toronto, ON and then onto England started with the usual early start at 4:45am PDT wakeup to catch an 8:30am flight to Vancouver, BC.

Does everyone always have an Air Canada story every time they fly with Air Canada?

Laura and I are traveling heavy because we have taken our business on the road. This includes two office set ups with wireless, computers and printers, speaking folios and DVD’s to hand out at the Independent Financial Brokers Summit in Toronto, handouts for the audience that will hear me speak on Wednesday, May 30th at the IFB along with all of personal belongings to be on the road for two weeks.

I was already anticipating that our bags are heavy and was prepared to pay the price.

At the Air Canada check-in for the flight to Nanaimo, BC to Vancouver, the Air Canada attendant informed us that we have to pay an extra $107.00 for the extra baggage weight.

Ouch! A $107.00 for a 40 mile, twenty minute flight! At this rate we will have to take out a mortgage to pay the extra baggage charges for the flight from Vancouver – Toronto and Toronto, ON – London, England.

We were happy to find that once again, WestJet comes through with exceptional customer service with an extra baggage charge for the weight of only $42.00.

Air Canada charges $107.00 for 40 miles and WestJet charges $42.00 for 3000 miles. I guess Air Canada has to make every nickel by money grabbing at every chance they can get while WestJet is making millions on exceptional customer service. This reminded me of my last Air Canada flight where they missed the connection and cost me a 3 ½ hour wait for the next flight and the time before that where I ask for a blanket that never came and the time before that …. And the time before that … And the time before that …

We will lighten our load in Toronto for the flight to England because we will not be returning with the speaking folios and DVD’s and handouts for the audience plus we will ship all of our client files and most of the business files home as we will not be needing all of them while we are in England.

This trip is a coaching, speaking and business retreat trip and I have already paid for the trip with a huge insight this morning to Removing Another Roadblock To Success along with an enhancement to our Vision which is what this trip is all about. I will be sharing these new insights in my June 15th E-Newsletter.

Paulo Coelho’s name nearly jumped of the front page of his new book which is entitled The Witch of Portobello while passing by Virgin Books in the Vancouver Airport and I purchased it for future reading. I’ve read every title written by Paulo that has been translated in English. You may recognize Paulo Coehlo from The Alchemist.

Laura and I will arrive in Toronto at about 7pm EDT.

The flight time gave me the opportunity to reflect and plan ahead for the next two weeks.