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Topics Of Conversation With Clients

A full day on the phone with clients and I thought that I would list all of the topics of conversation that I covered today.

This sequays off of a summary / survey that we are doing on the answers to the following questions that we have received from the attendees of 50 Financial Advisor Public Speaking Presentations over the past 14 months;

• What are the biggest roadblocks that you are facing in your business?
• What would you like to receive more training on?

Here is one of the answers that we received at the April 10th, Vancouver IFB Summit; Need to develop a team instead of working on own with inconsistent office help

Topics Of Conversation With Clients On Wednesday, April 11, 2007

• Provide a speaking fee to a client who wishes me to speak to a group of their clients for a networking event that they are producing – now that is a new concept and I am honored to be considered
• Promotion of an associate to general manager
• How to coach an assistant to be more detail and deadline conscious
• Create a vision and team for maximum profit
• Advise on the sale of existing financial advisor office and purchase of new offices
• Evaluate and facilitate the promotion of an assistant to a financial advisor
• Conflict resolution between an associate advisor and advisor
• Creating systems to create a vision and more revenue