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Tolerations Update

-photo courtesy of www.research.utoronto.ca/edge/fall2003/zoom.html

Tolerations are like the sound of finger nails on a blackboard.

My updated Tolerations List is at the bottom of this Blog.

Tolerations cause us grief, distract us from our vision, waste a lot of time and energy and they keep us from growing. When we fix tolerations we lighten up and have time for more important things.

We have been taught not to complain and in the process, a lot of things get set aside and swept underneath the rug. It’s like skeletons in the closet, you just keep putting them in the closet over and over again and sooner or later they all fall out on top of us.

Tolerations provide us with dysfunctional energy as we gain energy from complaining about them and never doing anything about it. It’s “the world is doing it to me again”!

Take action and get rid of Tolerations!


N New Incomplete
– Incomplete
/ Started
X Complete


N Do trial run of Gateway PC for the road
N Change Web Host
– Order case, second battery and stylus pen for tablet pc
– Clean up office desk, books and files
– Fix Laura’s desk
/ Hire a new bookkeeper/accountant – research started, temp assistant hired
/ Create more disk space for e-mail program – underway
/ Complete on old computer lease
/ Update Values & Behaviors Assessment technology
X Complete computer software adjustments
X Install tablet pc software; Maximizer, Microsoft Office, Mind Genius, Network
X Upgrade notebook to include tablet pc and improve battery life.
X Reconfigure Palm Pilot and purchase stylus
X Upgrade cell phone to improve battery life. Purchasing a new battery fro $50.00 was the quickest way. I use my cell as a phone and to receive inbound messages. Given that when I am on road I spend my time in airport lounges, on airplanes and in hotel rooms, my laptop is close at hand so e-mail is easy access so the feature of sending and receiving e-mail is not that attractive. I was thinking of the Blackberry as a way to eliminate my Palm Pilot that carries my client contact information from Maximizer. Then I would have it all in one. Then again I could have purchased a Blackberry for a $50 upgrade and then upgraded to Maximizer Version 9 for a few hundred dollars so that it could transfer the Maximizer data to MS Outlook so that I could transfer my data on through to my Blackberry. Then I could spend about 10 hours learning Maximizer Version 9 and another 10 hours learning MS Outlook and another 10 hours learning Blackberry and after hundreds of dollars and 30 hours of hell I would be just like the big boys. Not! Too much work – I might us the Palm Pilot once or twice a month to look up phone numbers.


– Re-organize closet from summer to winter clothes
/ Repair second set of glasses – underway
/ Get flu shots – scheduled
X Eliminate one-way friendships