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Today’s Teleclass and the Birds & Bees

Today brought another well attended Teleclass with 20 or so registrants.

Here is the first line of the follow up e-mail to the Teleclass.

Thank you for your interest in today’s Teleclass. Please remember the Teleclass is as valuable as you make it. This is done through your participation by e-mailing and /or asking questions. Thanks for understanding.

The challenge for me is that we invite the participants in advance of the Teleclass to e-mail in their challenges and questions. This is so helpful as it gives me the real issues and this way I can build a specific and custom presentation for the listeners. At the same time, the listeners are invited during the call to contribute by asking questions.

Thank you to the three participants that did e-mail in their questions and I built a 45 minute call around their questions.

After 45 minutes I handed it over to the listeners to ask questions. Dead silence. I asked again. Dead silence. Going once, going twice, going three times – Gone!

I’m over it. If the listeners don’t choose to participate that is OK.

This reminds me of an old movie starting David Essex as a musician being pressured by the studio to churn out another CD where David’s character exclaimed;

I’m an artist, not a bloody jukebox!

– photo courtesy of www.khulsey.com/

Birds & Bees

One of our hobbies is looking after our flowers and it serves as stress relief at the same. Spending time with nature is a wonderful way to clear the mind.

Laura and I often have thoughts at the same time.

I can’t remember which one of us said it –

“Isn’t amazing that we tend these flowers every day and we come within inches of wild honey bees and neither one of us has come close to ever getting stung! The bees seem to know that we are taking care of the flowers”.

“This is a wonderful storey for the Blog” I exclaimed!

This segways into “thoughts are real forces” and “whatever you think, you make real”.

If we believe we will get stung by the bees – we will.

On a business note –

– If I believe that business is tough –
– If I believe I have no time to build a vision and business plan –
– If I believe money is tight –
– If I believe referrals are hard to get –
– If I believe that it is impossible to hire a good assistant –
– If I believe that people don’t appreciate what I do for them –
– If I believe that I am doing all that I can do for them and I can’t do any more –
– If I believe that coaching doesn’t work –


Here is a shot of the eagle’s nest that is a couple of hundred yards from my office window. If you look close, you can see the eaglet sitting on the left hand side of the nest – waiting to fly.