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To Measure Is To Invest & Infuse

Yesterday’s revelation surrounding forgetting to Measure my progress towards my 90 Day Goals was really significant.

As soon as I took the time at the end of day to get back on track with Measures through answering the questions in my journal, the feelings of accomplishment really started to take effect. Along with the feelings came new ideas on how I can move to the next level.

The Measures really made me aware of all of the Investing that I have been doing both in my business and personal life.

As soon as I “got” that I have been Investing it disconnected me from my ego mind’s need for instant gratification from the work that I have been doing in both my business and personal life.

This intrigued me to look up the meaning of Invest.


– to array in the symbols of office or honor
– to furnish with power or authority
– to grant someone control or authority over
– to cover completely
– to endow with a quality, to infuse


– to cause to be permeated with something (as a principle or quality) that alters usually for the better