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Time To Reflect From 35,000 Feet

Today ( Thursday ) is a fun day as I leave for the Comox airport at 7am PT to catch a 9am PT flight to Calgary to speak at the IFB Summit at 1:30pm MT and then I’ll fly back at 5pm MT and be home at 7pm PT.

Lots of time to reflect from 35,000 feet about my business and personal life.

Friday is a Buffer Day to complete my planning and some project work.

Wednesday was offered to my clients as a complimentary coaching call call-in-day where my clients received an extra pre-booked ½ hour coaching call. I had a great time quickly connecting in with my clients, acknowledging their progress and adding in additional insights and action steps for their projects that include;

• budget review
• campaign preparation
• conflict resolution with assistants, partners & the company
• creating referral letters
• eliminating fear about the economy
• hiring assistants
• marketing plan review
• selling the business
• time management

The highlight of the day is I received a call out of the blue and was invited to speak on behalf of a national financial company at two separate locations.