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Time Management, Delegation & Marketing Hints

Time Management = Delegate More = Create The Space To Market

Thank you for today’s coaching call.

The theme of today’s call was to focus on Time Management to enable you to Delegate More & Create the Space to Market your business. If you do what you have always done, you will get what you have always gotten.

You are requested to follow a version of Dan Sullivan’s Time Management Strategies using the following categories to book off the next 12 months.

• Focus Time – Clients
• Buffer Time (a) – Planning, Delegation, Filing etc.
• Buffer Time (b) – Projects, Marketing etc.
• Free Time – Time Off

Some ideas for this are;

• Schedule Mondays and Friday afternoons as Buffer Time (a) – Planning, Delegation, Filing etc.
• Schedule every other Wednesday for Marketing Plan Development

As you observe yourself going through the process of putting yourself first and not being addicted to e-mail and telephone calls so that you can plan your time;

• Be Awake & Mindful.
• Ask how do you feel?
• If Positive – Breath It In
• If Negative – Have Compassion for how you feel. Don’t buy into your ego mind’s limiting beliefs and stories about not having enough time, that you are too busy, that you have to do this and that.
• Stay Awake & Mindful.
• Breathe through the Feelings.
• Ask what situation do the negative feelings remind you of?
• You can do The Clearing Process Assignment that we work with to clear the negative feelings.