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Time Is Running Out!

– photo courtesy of www.uninews.unimelb.edu.au/

Hello Simon,

Sorry to have not called you earlier. I have been in process of office changes as well as working on our home plans. I am currently “brainstorming” business ideas with colleagues and others and trying to formulate a current business plan. I want to complete this process and I am still reviewing your correspondence for future reference.

Dear John Doe,

With respect – 🙂 wasn’t working on your business plan what we were going to do?

We have 7 – 1:1 coaching spots left and when they are gone, we will be sold out until mid 2007.

These spots will not last as we have 6 national speaking events to complete this year and we are in conversation with 20 prospective clients who have expressed interest and I feel certain about 3 of these so this leaves us with 4 – 1:1 coaching spots.

Please let me know when you are ready to take action.

Thanks for taking the time to e-mail.


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