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Three Levels Of Survival

I read an article that followed the incredible devastation and loss due to Hurricane Katrina about survival kits.

Here is the list of the contents of 3 survival kits offered by Braidner Survival Kits Ltd.

No. I am not on commission for Braidner Survival Kits Ltd.


A look at what should be in your survival kit and what it will cost. Above, a one-person emergency kit with 72 hours worth of survival supplies from Braidner Survival Kits Ltd.

The Basic

For one person, good to keep in your car

– 3-day food ration, 1.5 liters of water
– Emergency blanket
– whistle
– 2 light sticks
– Garbage bag, roll of toilet paper
– Basic first aid: bandages, gauze pads, antiseptic wipes

All in a nylon bag for $38.95

Middle ground

Two backpacks with supplies for a family of four, portable with each weighing 15 pounds (6.8 kg)

– 3-day food ration, 1.5 liters water for each person
– 6 light sticks
– 4 emergency blankets
– 4 garbage bags
– 4 rolls toilet paper
– 4 whistles
– 2 army knives
– 4 dust masks
– 4 pairs work gloves
– 2 flashlights with batteries
– 2 boxes waterproof matches
– 4 waterproof ponchos
– 4 cold packs for injuries
– 4 heat packs for warmth
– 4 sanitary napkins
– 2 first aid kits (50 items each)
– 2 earthquake survival manuals

Cost for both backpacks: $267

The Deluxe

It includes all items in the backpacks plus:

– stainless steel cooking container
– aluminum foil
– 1 box windproof matches
– signaling mirror
– pocket saw, axe, crow bar, pliers, screwdriver, vice grips, wrench, folding shovel
– tarp, nylon rope, duct tape, stainless steel wire
– collapsible 8-litre water bag
– water purification chemicals for 120 liters of water
– solar/crank powered AM/FM radio with flashlight
– larger first aid kit
– liquid soap, towels, toothbrushes, toothpaste

Comes in a big gear bag (not portable).

Cost: $549

Additional items:

Portable butane stove: approx. $30

Butane lantern: approx. $100