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This Could Be Heaven Or This Could Be Hell

On a dark New Brunswick Highway
Cool Atlantic wind in my hair

– If you are an “Eagles Fan” you get the drift – I’m trying to humor myself –

I’m writing this Blog at 4:50pm ADT on my flight from Toronto, ON to Moncton, NB.

I was going to title this Blog fighting to stay awake and thought better of it as I don’t want to fight to stay awake.

With a smile on my face, still dealing with the disorientation of still being on Pacific Time, I both cringe at the thought of, while tired, going for dinner with the Advocis New Brunswick Board Of Directors this evening while at the same time I am excited at the prospect.

I’m writing this Blog now as I may not get the chance as the next 30 hours or so are going to be packed with the following from the time I get there until I wake up at 3:45am on Saturday to catch my flight home:

– 6pm ADT, Thursday November 16, 2006 – Arrive at Moncton, NB at ( ?Ǭ? hour late on Air Canada )
– 7 pm – Dinner with Advocis New Brunswick Board Of Directors
– 10pm – Prepare for day, PowerPoint review and update, Blog

– 6am ADT, Friday November 17, 2006 – Wake up call / shower
– 7:30am- MDRT Breakfast
– 9am – Attend Advocis New Brunswick Education Day
– 1pm – Present “Removing Your Roadblocks To Your Success
– 3pm – Adjournment
– 3pm – Tour Moncton for some sites and pics
– 5pm – Cardio
– 6pm – Dinner
– 8pm – Pack
– 9pm – Sleep

– 3:45am ADT, Saturday November 18, 2006 – Wake up call / shower
– 4:45am – Travel to airport
– 5:00am – Arrive at airport ( Early to get emergency row for more leg room )
– 6:30am – Fly home

What else can I say –

Da, Da, Da – Welcome to the Hotel Delta Beausejour!