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They say that you need to teach what you need to learn the most!

Another early edition – submitted Wednesday as I will be away on Thursday at the Independent Financial Brokers B.C. Spring Summit.

They say that you often need to teach what you need to learn the most!

Did I ever learn this one today – BIG TIME!

The Speaking & Marketing Plans are forefront and enhanced by working with a Jane my Speaking Coach and Kim my Web / E-Marketing Coach.

With the completion of the web site and with the e-newsletters & blog all working it is time to create some business.

The old Simon wants to go out and run a pattern of doing what small business owners do and that is sell!

Given that I have driven myself to form the habit of selling over the past 25 years, it is not an easy habit to break.

Some may say, why would you want to do that?

One cannot manifest their Vision while they are selling. Advising is about adding Value, Selling is about getting what you Need. It is a major mistake to try to get your needs met from your clients or from anyone else.

The concept of Attraction Based Marketing is something that I have been a teacher and believer of for almost ten years is now being put to the ultimate test.

I am observing that my ego is just thrashing right now to want to charge ahead with “Sales 101” actions that I so heavily invested in from my past.

The dawn of “Being” an Advisor is causing me to walk my talk at a whole new level and take the following Advisor steps versus what a Salesperson would do;

* Stay in the Attraction Model by taking daily Attraction Actions – Reaffirm my Vision, Acknowledge the value of daily actions, Give thanks etc.
* Wear the “Keynote Speaker” hat
* Re-Purpose my web site making the main page niche and public speaking specific
* Complete the public speaking pages on the web site
* Research who are the decision makers and book 6 speaking gigs in the next 3 months
* For the next 3 months – Speak to only Financial Advisor audiences
* Research who is in charge of the Financial Advisor publications and associations.

So thank you Laura, Jane and Kim for the time that we invested in today’s meetings to thrash out the highlights of the above plan.