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They Have Big Chickens In Vegas

Laura & I had an easy trip down to Las Vegas on Saturday. We got unpacked and went for a light dinner and a walk on the Vegas Strip on Saturday evening.

Sunday morning started with a trip to the gym, a walk to the AM PM for bananas, a walk to Starbucks which was in the lobby of The Westin Casuarina which lead to brunch at the Silver Peak Restaurant at The Westin Casuarina.

“They must have big chickens in Vegas” and I wished I had brought my camera. When Laura and I are out for breakfast, we usually order a protein breakfast of three scrambled eggs and bacon when we are not at home having fruit smoothies with protein power.

– photo courtesy of www.goodlight.net/goodmenu.htm

I swear that we must have had 10 eggs each on our plates and I said to the waiter; “They must have big chickens in Vegas”.

We are spending the afternoon reviewing our game plan for a conference reception at 5:30pm on Sunday evening, manning the trade show booth and tweaking the power points for Tuesday’s gigs.

Laura’s mom Helen is traveling to Las Vegas today to join us to see the sites and is staying in the room right across from us and we are traveling home together on Friday.

The Pro-Seminars Las Vegas Conference lasts until Wednesday so we will have Thursday for more sites and relaxation.

We are making plans to see the following along with hotel lobby visits over the next few evenings.

We have tickets to Cirque Du Soleil – “O Is Forever” on Tuesday night and we are working on seeing a few shows from the list that has caught our eye;

– John Lennon Art Exhibit by Yoko Ono at The Hard Rock Caf?ɬ©
– The Magic Of Rick Thomas
– Master Magician Lance Burton
– David Copper filed Grand Illusion
– Second City Comedy

You may wonder about gambling – we are not into it. The thought of losing my paper route money on Crowns & Anchors at the local country fair in Chilliwack, BC when I was 12 years old comes to mind.

At the same time I don’t get it. Sitting for hours playing a game getting intoxicated on top of it – there are two many much more interesting things to do and see.