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They Call It Fall For A Reason

Here is an outstanding article by Diane Frances from the September 15, 2009 Financial Post ; They Call It Fall For A Reason

I took the liberty to post this excerpt;

So, like Job in the Old Testament, I prefer to keep my faith in optimism on the basis that when everybody is thinking along the same lines, and the press is fiercely amplifying that group think, the opposite result is much more likely. 

Diane Frances, Financial Post – September 15, 2009

My September 16th, 2009 Advocis North Bay Clear Your Roadblocks financial advisor speaking presentation went exceptionally well and the new wireless microphone worked perfectly.

Here are a few of the financial advisor speaking testimonials;

“This was not another motivational seminar. Simon talked about the core strengths and values needed to be successful; not just in life but in business as well.”
Ryan McMillan, SunLife Financial

“Outstanding presentation, its like Simon knew my office and its needs.
Debbie Deerins, Freedom 55 Financial

“You call it like it is: getting to the root of your issues. Your candor is very refreshing.”
Craig Ash, SunLife Financial