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They Are Still, “Just An Old Car”

So we went to the Seaside Cruizers 13th Annual Show ‘n Shine in Qualicum Beach and we saw a 61 Corvette and Laura said that “that would be OK”. Laura has an enormous amount of sense and I don’t really think that she meant it.


At that moment, my ego exclaimed “great, Laura thinks it is a great idea”.

NOT. Cooler thoughts prevail. What are we going to do with our weekends? Lug this thing around so that we can sit behind it on summer weekends at car shows with a bunch of over weight beer drinkers talking about 30 years ago. What a waist of a life and time! Been there done that, check out yesterday’s Blog.

Now, circa 2006 Turbo Saab convertible – that’s the ticket!


Not until next summer and not until I achieve the following;

– Increase income
– Complete and execute a constant and sustainable marketing plan
– Create & facilitate a coaching gym
– Facilitate 1 workshop per month
– Speak 2 – 3 times per month for a 4 figure fee
– Write a book

I invested Monday in being very focused on one thing. Putting the finer touches on the PowerPoints and Workbooks for next week’s Retreat.

We received the following testimonial last week Thursday;

“Simon’s speaking presentation, “Removing The Mental Roadblocks To High Productivity”, causes you to critically reflect on yourself and your practice to determine if you are really achieving what you want out of your business. It forces the question, Are you honestly look at building a business with a vision or just making a living?”

Doug Knight
President, Advocis North Okanagan
Knight Financial, Kelowna, BC