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There’s A Blogger On The Road

That’s why the call it a laptop computer … with the Vancouver Island Highway in the foreground. We really do live in the wilderness.

It’s 7:30am PST and Laura is driving me to Comox, BC to catch a 9:15am flight to Toronto, ON via Calgary, AB.

This is one of those times when the coach is fighting to stay focused. This is because I invested my planning time from last week’s Buffer Days ( Wednesday – Friday ) into writing my book. Then Laura and I were on the road on Saturday to visit my mother Irene, Sunday was a Free Day taking time off from work and Monday & Tuesday were back to back coaching days.

This business would be so easy if I wasn’t writing the book. The good news is I can see light at the end of the tunnel as the completion of the book to get it “editor ready” doesn’t feel all that far away.

The reason that I’m fighting to stay focused is because I had to pack up my office to go on the road while there was still incomplete work sitting on my main computer. The priority of the work consists of coaching call follow up e-mails to some of my clients from Monday’s and Tuesday’s calls.

So to get my work done, I e-mailed all of my incomplete work on my desk top computer to my lap top so that I can do the work while sitting in the airport and on the plane.