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There Is Gold In Those Hills!


Rather, there is gold in those files.

There is joy working with both the clients that are making $1.5 million that want to go to $2.5 million in income and those that are making $100K that want to go to $200K. I confess that I get more joy when a client at this level has a major breakthrough because it is the first breakthrough of many.

Sometimes I find that clients let their practice run them and while they are successful, they settle back and respond to their client’s calls.

Over the past 45 days I have been working with a client at strengthening themselves from the inside out and with the procedures and scripting to segment clients and make the calls to initiate the business.

The following are excerpts of what my client sent me today on their Coaching Call Client Prep Form. A true celebration!!

What I Have Accomplished Since Our Last Call

I have updated the cash flow spreadsheet.

I met with clients that I had been working on a proposal on Monday, and Tuesday they decided to go ahead with the recommendation. This was exciting as this was one of the files that I had initiated the call. I met with another lady today, again it was a call that I initiated and when I went to see her, I had my recommendations written out and during our conversation I had to change one of my recommendations, but in the end it worked out well, she is moving additional assets over from the bank. So that brings the total to 3 now for calls that I initiated and I have written business.

I am pretty excited by this. My confidence continues to build and my hesitation in calling is diminishing as well, I am starting to say things more freely and asking for the business.

The Opportunities Which Are Available To Me Right Now

I sent out a proposal to a client last Thursday so they should have received it on Monday and they were taking it to their accountant. Secondly, I am to follow up with a client tomorrow for rolling an investment over. I have reviewed the files that I am working on and putting together recommendations and I have calculated that the pending business when written would generate $32,500 in commission.