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Then It’s Deja Vu!

I was thinking about my Blog titles for the month to see where they have been coming from and to see where they are going.

Ah! The benefits of journaling!

At the same time a reminder that this is an online journal and it is not meant to be perfect – it is written about what happens to be going on in my business and in my world.

Here is a summary of this month’s Blogs which are selfishly listed for my own focus and benefit in this case;

– April 19, 2006 – My Story – Glennis Deslippe BSN
– April 18, 2006 – Easter Is A Reminder Of Forgiveness
– April 13, 2006 – Happy Easter
– April 12, 2006 – A Response After 1000 Attendees
– April 11, 2006 – The Abundant Advisor Book Blog – Day 8
– April 10, 2006 – The Abundant Advisor Book Blog – Day 7
– April 07, 2006 – The Abundant Advisor Book Blog
– April 06, 2006 – Enthusiasm! A Polished Presentation. Beautifully & Interestingly Presented
– April 05, 2006 – Speaking Results
– April 04, 2006 – A Values Based Financial Planning Software
– April 03, 2006 – Intention & Affirmation

So as I look over my Blog titles for the month –

The Blogs started out about getting ready for speaking, speaking, speaking results, speaking testimonials, the book, what is your parable and forgiveness.

You may have noticed that The Abundant Advisor Book Blog has been absent for a few days as it is on hold – and I’m over it and it is OK.

It has been a very busy month and that is OK.

The same significant projects are still on my plate as I navigate through my client’s priorities and my speaking gigs and follow up.

– 12 Day E-Course – weekly writing
– CE Credits – application
– Display Booth Banner, Signage & Sponsor – subcontract design
– Marketing Plan – continue to tweak plan
– Speaking Folio – update
– Web Site – update

Again the most important;

– Sellout my practice
– Over service my clients

Then It’s D?ɬ©j?ɬ† Vu!

I can’t believe it!

My April 3rd Blog is reminding me of the state of mind that I must be in as I am getting ready to fly to my next speaking gig.

The D?ɬ©j?ɬ† Vu bit is this is exactly what is going to be going on this Saturday is I am preparing for next week as I am flying to Toronto on Sunday to speak at 10am on Monday, April 24th. Then it is traveling back home on Tuesday and then traveling again Thursday in advance of speaking at the Advocis Education Day in Kelowna, BC.

I must create the time to get the above list of valuable business building actions complete. The challenge is –