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The Top Sixteen Reasons To Journal


A member of the October 31st, 2006 audience at Pro-Seminars asked me to send a document on Journaling.

I created this document many years ago from the best of the best that I could find on Journaling from Coach University.

1. Written Words Are Powerful. Remember the quote from the movie “Build it and they will come”? As a play on the quote; “Write it and it will be!”

2. Acknowledgement. Journaling puts the power of acknowledgement into your own hands versus seducing yourself and setting yourself up to wait for acknowledgement to come from others for your good deeds.

3. Accountability. Journaling your Vision, Goals and Action Steps makes you accountable to yourself.

4. Writing Creates Clarity. Journaling your Vision, Goals and Action Steps allows you to prioritize your Actions.

5. Mind & Heart Connection. Journaling allows you to connect both the thoughts of your mind and the passion of your heart into one aligned force that will inspire you into attracting what you want.

6. Clear Your Mind. Journaling allows you to clear, empty and track all the thoughts in your mind so that you can create the space to think creatively.

7. Peace Of Mind. When you empty your mind it gives you peace of mind versus reviewing the same thoughts in your mind over and over again. Yes, you are not the only one that does this.

8. Vocabulary Of The Soul. Once all of the thoughts are emptied into your journal, journaling allows you to scribe the thoughts and feelings that are often unsaid below the surface. These will give you a stronger sense of power.

9. Conflict Resolution. Journaling can give you a voice to feelings or upsets that you may want and really need to express before you actually communicate them to the person that you have the conflict with. Once written, walk away, give yourself time to reflect. You may no longer need to communicate with the person that you have the conflict with.

10. Clear Your Feelings. Journaling allows you to add voice to and get negative feelings off your chest versus just carrying them around.

11. Questions. Journaling allows you to ask yourself the right questions. How can I serve today and accomplish my Vision and Goals?

12. Constant Aim. Journaling allows you to take constant aim at your Vision and Goals.

13. Track The Day. Journaling allows you to ask yourself; What am I most happy about my accomplishments today?

14. Build Confidence. Journaling allows you to remind yourself about all of your strengths and experience.

15. Your Style. Journal in your own style. I have worked with those that are considered to be the greatest minds in personal development. Let me tell you from experience, their journals were not pretty. They were effective. Just get the thoughts down as quickly as you can.

16. Journal With Pictures. With the price drop and improvements in technology in digital cameras and printers, you can easily and instantaneously visually document your writings with pictures.