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The Risk Of Speaking Strongly

Here is a copy of and e-mail that I sent a few months ago to a prospective client in follow up to a conversation that we had. I communicated what I felt was right. At the same time the communication was somewhat strong and I risked losing the prospective client. After a number of months the prospective client called me and asked to speak with me again. It is all good.

Dear Prospective Client,

I’m taking the liberty to take a huge leap and you may not like what I have to say. At the same time, I believe that you called me for a reason. As a coach I cannot walk away passively when someone tells me that “they choose not to afford me at this time”. I believe that my fee is insignificant compared to what it is that is blocking you from being all that you can be.

Without being arrogant, I have helped the clients that appear on my website increase their sales exceeding 500%.

Right now you are experiencing great energy from the response to both your selling trip and from the tape set that you are listening to. I am happy for you.

What happens when the high from this wears off which it undoubtedly will? I am talking to you about using a system that will create sustainable success without having to continually use outside medication and the system for that matter. At this time, the adrenaline from the trip and your needs of recognition are being fulfilled by the people and opportunities that you are meeting while traveling.

At the end of the day, there isn’t a business, a goal, a possession or any amount of sales that will meet your subconscious unmet needs. At the end of the day, the thing that you are looking for outside of yourself which does keep you motivated in a dysfunctional way will elude you. Yes it keeps you going but at what cost. While you are young you can handle it. But what happens in years to come when these insatiable unsatisfied needs continue to leave you unsatisfied. I’m sure you have seen plenty of men and women for that matter, go through the mid life crisis. That’s when the dysfunctionally motivated business, money, possessions and relationships leave them feeling empty within. Then they have a reaction and do something that damages their business or marriage or both. And their friends just can’t figure out why they did it. And neither can they. And they don’t want to deal with it. I’ve done it, so why not you?

Perhaps you can learn from my mistakes.

Let me offer you a few thoughts on power. I now come from the place that if you have to have power over something that is inside of you that is not working, then whatever it is has power over you. This is very draining because eventually you will run out of power. It’s like the old coal fed locomotives, everything is fine as long as someone is shoveling coal into it. What happens when you stop shoveling? What happens to all the people that are around the locomotive and the person doing the shoveling? “Yeah they are great people when they are in front of other people but you should see them at home or with their staff in the office”. They are like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Their loved ones often want to hide.

The alternative to the locomotive fired by polluting coal would be to a solar/electric panel that just has continuous warmth from within that does not require a bunch of energy draining motivation to keep it going.

Have you ever looked in the dictionary for the definition of motivation?

“Motive – the sense of need, desire, fear, etc.” – Webster’s Dictionary. What do you want to be motivated by? Need, desire and fear or something that naturally draws you forward?

With respect, maybe you are not old enough yet and you still think that you can pull it off doing the same thing over and over again.

The best time to address challenges is when you don’t really need to which would be now versus waiting until you are in a funk.

Life is about messages. Sometimes you get the message and you get an attainment. Sometimes you choose not to hear the message and then you have a problem. Sometimes you choose not to deal with the problem and then you have a crisis. Then you get the message.

You have very ambitious goals for this year and I am sure that you will do well.

I wish you all the best.