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The Right Or Wrong Idea Chamber?


This Blog was inspired by a conversation with my friend Pat Finucane.

Staying true to our new Time Management Plan, Monday was invested in planning.

This practice is confirming that there is enough time for all areas of our business that include working with clients, planning, product development and free time.

Monday’s planning included;

• Reviewing last week and organizing this week using the planning process that I outlined in Getting Things Done and Command Central.
• Completing a financial review of June 2007 to compare our budget against actual projections and we are on track!

I’ll write about my financial review strategy another time.

The most important message that I can offer you is that as you go through each step of your financial review, remember to follow the practice of the following steps between your action steps to make sure that the right ideas, versus the wrong ideas are showing up.

1. Create emptiness – attract right ideas versus wrong ideas
2. Give thanks
3. Take actions with either people or projects
4. Work until you feel that you have created tension
5. Take a moment or two to relax and to recreate emptiness

The reason that I am offering this is it is important to keep the positive channel open to the right ideas versus the wrong ideas especially when we are doing challenging tasks.

Many of us received mixed messages about money as we were growing up. Money issues (wrong ideas) have been circulating within our subconscious mind for decades and if we go too long before we create emptiness and relax, we can easily get triggered into our past experience of money. These are locked in by unmet needs of safety, limiting beliefs that could include “money is tight” along with the anxiety that goes with it.

How many times of you heard about an up and coming business that failed because it ran out of money? Was it the business that ran out of money or was it the owners beliefs that caused the business to run out of money?

A monthly financial review should be a celebration as ours was of acknowledging all of the areas that we have improved upon. Our results are outstanding and I believe it is because we follow this practice.

For some, they remain trapped in their past limiting beliefs and anxieties that are locked in by unmet needs. They have no clue on how to get the unmet need met and to the compounding damage that the situation continues to create.

When we are hooked into unmet needs of safety, we get hooked into a form of adrenaline addiction and we fool ourselves that by getting busy, this is the right thing to do. Wrong.

Being addicted to adrenaline and getting busy is more than likely a coping mechanism to avoid the anxiety that one is feeling about emptiness and about money. The unconscious mind has us fooled into believing that we can fill the emptiness with money which we all know is impossible.

As Seth Godin says;

• Quit the wrong stuff.
• Do the right stuff.
• Have the guts to do one or the other.

When we start our day or create the space to first experience emptiness we become truly available to the right ideas versus a series of busi-ness, adrenaline addicted wrong ideas.


I hear it all the time from financial advisors telling me that they get a lot of ideas when they are in the shower.

Do they start their day with a practice of emptiness that leads to the right plan? Do they get up late, fail to plan, get into the wrong idea adrenaline chamber (shower) and then catapult their way into the day with a bunch of wrong ideas based on no plan because they failed to practice and plan?

The key is create the space to sense the right ideas versus getting busy with the wrong ideas which are often non-sense.

We attract the right ideas when we create emptiness and we become truly available and totally attractive to the right ideas. Emptiness is where no-thing exists. Some call this divinity.

Why don’t we do this?

Because we were sold on an old idea that busy is good, the busier you are the better.

The only problem … sooner or later all the plates that you are spinning start to hit the floor.


Why are so many people afraid of emptiness?