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The Reasons We Speak

While driving through dense fog on my way to Nanaimo, BC at 6:30am PDT on Monday morning, I thought that living on Vancouver Island can have its weather challenges even in May. I called Harbor Air to confirm that their flights are flying even in the fog and all systems were a go. I am flying to the Richmond, BC Seaplane Terminal as I am the 9am and opening speaker at Pro-Seminars Vancouver Event which is located in Richmond, May 7/8, 2007.

Laura creates all kinds of unique ways to allow me to continue to work with my clients while being on the road. Laura booked me a day room at The Abercorn Best Western where the Pro-Seminars Event is being held so that I can work with clients on the phone from 10:45am – 4:45pm after I speak from 9 – 10am.

Then it is taxi back to the Richmond, BC Seaplane Terminal at 4:50pm for a 5:30pm flight back to Nanaimo, BC … home for dinner!!

Today’s Pro-Seminars speaking presentation was recorded on an MP3 player so that we can type set the presentation for future articles, blogs, e-newsletters and products.

I slowed my delivery down and only got through about 65% of the presentation which was also shortened by 10 minutes as I didn’t start until 9:10am and I had to be finished at 10am. Note to self … don’t be the first speaker of the day as the producers of the event have logistics that they need to cover and it chews up my speaking time.

The MP3 recording/type setting will be just fine as I will deliver the presentation again on Thursday, May 10, 2007 at Advocis, in Regina, SK where I will have 1 ½ hours to deliver the presentation.

For variety, I did an off the cuff survey asking members of the audience the following question and I will include this in a future blog article:

• Why are you a financial advisor?

Today’s presentation also served as a warm up as I have not done any speaking since early April and it took a while to get back in the client and speaking groove, this was also because we took last week off to do a complete review of our business.

The reasons we speak are many:

• Add value to the audience that we serve
• Ask the advisors to focus on questions and areas of their business that they don’t normally consider
• Create a community of like minded advisors who wish to read our blog and e-newsletter
• Offer continued value through existing and future products that include: books, DVDs, memberships, PowerPoint presentations, workbooks and workshops.
• Attract one on one coaching clients