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The Power Point Is The Book!

Today I’m reflecting to day on a couple of things.

– To a lesser degree, I’m finally feeling the fog of a very bad cold that I have had for over 2 weeks. So much for cycling the sea wall in blinding rain!

– How similar my unwritten book is to the Power Point Presentation that I am writing.

I’m observing how interesting it is that something will get done when someone else is involved and when there is a deadline.

In comparison to the Power Point, the web site took a considerable amount of more resolve and time.

Without someone being involved and the time deadline, where did the considerable amount of more resolve and time come from?

From the Values and the Vision.

Values are the catalyst or the isotope that cause the reaction for things to happen.


An isotope is a form of a chemical element whose atomic nucleus contains a specific number of neutrons, in addition to the number of protons that uniquely defines the element.


– Attraction
– Currency/Energy
– Encouragement
– Partnering/People
– Professionalism/Quality/Service
– Sense/Wisdom
– Teaching
– Understanding/Empathy
– Venture

I have a meeting with a graphic designer for the book this week.

Will this be another isotope?

Funny all things happen in good time.