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The Obstacle That Will Stop You From Hiring A Coach


The same obstacles that are stopping you from meeting and exceeding your goals in both your business and your personal life will be the obstacles that stop you from hiring a coach.

Based on my theory of when you have Unmet Needs, you will have Limiting Beliefs and Limiting Emotions here are examples;

Unmet Needs; approval, safety, worthiness

Limiting Beliefs; I really should be able to do this myself (true) -People will think that there is really something wrong with me. I don’t have enough money. I don’t have enough time. I’m afraid that the coaching will not work. I don’t really deserve to be successful.

Limiting Emotions; anxiety, fear, uncertainty

Thoughts are real forces; For everyone of your limiting beliefs, you will only see, hear and feel the supporting evidence to make the above limiting beliefs real.

Who are You?

You are a Being.

You are not your Dysfunctional Ego Mind that has YOU consumed with primary survival and the subsequent Unmet Needs, Limiting Beliefs and Limiting Emotions of the Dysfunctional Ego Mind.

Isn’t it time YOU were free of the control of your Dysfunctional Ego Mind?

Here is a more detailed example of the Ego from Wikipedia.