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The Number One Action To Guarantee Your Goals For 2007


How do I know this is true?

Simple, I have the evidence.

I worked on my goals for 2007 on Monday, December 4, 2006.

One of the goals is:

– Prospect Speaking to associations and companies via Folios, E-Mails & Postcards to Speak at 35 sponsored Financial Advisor association and company events in Canada and the USA in 2007

On Tuesday, December 5, 2006, a very recognizable centre on influence invited us to present our Speaking Folio for consideration for the most significant Financial Advisor Public Speaking Event in the USA in 2007.

What is the Number One Action To Guarantee Your Goals For 2007?

Complete your goal setting for 2006 before December 31, 2006.

That way you will start January 1, 2007 with the state of mind that is created by being planned, polished and prepared for 2007.