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The New Power Point Was A Success!

Pro-Seminars, Tuesday, August 21, 2007, Fairfield Inn & Suites – Marriott, Toronto Ontario

It’s 7pm EDT and I am sitting at the airport gate awaiting my 9pm flight to London, ON from Toronto.

As I moved through the airport I practiced conscious breathing as I felt the weariness of a long day and at the same time feeling the success of this trip … breathe and feel … I observing that as I feel the experience that I am feeling in the present moment, my mind is still because the feelings are acknowledged with compassion and when this happens they do not give rise for the ridiculous ego mind stories.

I’ll likely get to my hotel around 11pm. I am the opening 8am speaker on Wednesday for Pro-Seminars in London and then I have a 12 noon flight back to Comox, BC and I’ll arrive around 6pm PST. Hello Laura! I miss my wonderful wife. Then it is Thursday and Friday with coaching calls and then we have one Client Coaching Day and the rest are Product Development Days until Labor Day. The completion of the Assembly Of The Book is in sight!

I’m investing this time in competing the following Blog that I wrote earlier today, catching up on e-mails and I’ll have one more look at the Power Point to see what slides I can reduce as it is still a little too long.

* * *

The only thing that I wasn’t 100% clear about was the timing of how long The New Power Point would take.

I ended right on time and believe that the presentation was well received.

Especially when I was approached by two successful advisors; one who wants me to work with them on their 5 Year Vision and another who has worked with The Strategic Coach for 10 years.

I’m noticing more and more veterans of The Strategic Coach coming forward who have excelled because of Dan Sullivan’s coaching program who want to work with me on strengthening their emotional side.

* * *

I invested the rest of the day in coaching calls with my clients and I am honored to be of service.

As I completed my last call at 5:30pm EDT I felt joy in that I have completed my coaching calls until Thursday as all I am doing tomorrow is speaking and then flying home. Lots of airport and plane time to work on my book!