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The Money Pain Body

It’s my favorite time of the month! The money time! It is what all entrepreneurs love. To stop entrepreneuring and account for their actions. For me entrepreneuring this past month has become addictive with coaching, talking to new clients and speaking and coaching, talking to new clients and speaking and … I’ve almost forgotten to sit still.

Back to the money time! Meaning where is the money?!? Meaning a review of the accounts, payables, receivables – that sort of thing.

As much as I try to avoid receivables they sometimes happen with invoices dropping through the cracks with some of my best and well paying clients and then there is the odd bounced cheque that happens from time to time. It all needs to be looked after.

It never ceases to amaze me – and many thanks that I am now the observer of the pain body – at how my physical body can begin to re-express the paralyzing fear that I went through when I was a boy of 8 years old when my mother used to come to me to tell me her wows that there was no money in the bank. Silly me – I believed her. My father later told me that she had $15,000 in the bank and that was in 1963.

So what do you think happens to my body the minute that I start to look at the receivables and the payables which is all about the money that we don’t have, what is going out – not what we have in the bank and what is coming in.

Yes you guessed it. My money pain body starts to come up with the aches and pains of the past that are still sitting there in my skeletal pain body. It is like when someone raises a hand to hit a dog or a small child – after a while the dog or child starts to wince without even being hit and stores that experience in their pain body.

The trick is to stay awake and be the observer so as not to get sucked into it.