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The Interrupters & The Objection To The Fee

In working with a client I was asked to help with two challenges;

– Clients that ask them to reduce their fees
– People that interrupt them

Here is a Script to Handle the Objection To The Fee;

Can you adjust or reduce your fee?

I understand what you are saying … My fee is $ __________________ and it is important for you to know that it is based upon providing you with the best service possible and to acknowledge myself at the same time for the energy, know how and time that I am providing you with and this allows me to continue to give you great service … thanks for understanding.

Here is a Script to Handle Interrupters;

Thank you for asking …

I would love to help you and I need your understanding. I have set some business, time and income goals that I am really focused on and I am just unable to provide you with what you need right now. I am wondering is there someone else that you can ask or is there another way that you can get what you need done.