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The Fulcrum & The Tipping Point

The early part of the weekend was difficult to wind down and relax given that I had been full on since June 11th through to June 30th with prepping and delivering gigs in Toronto & Ottawa, prepping and delivering a private client retreat and looking after clients along the way which is always a top priority.

What to do about relaxing as I had stopped working, slept in and even had an afternoon nap? Hard physical exercise in the form of a blistering bicycle ride and Victoria provides some the best cycling trails available.

Saturday brought the opportunity to sleep in and take and afternoon nap and these still didn’t do the trick. These managed to take care of the introverted side of me, but I was still super charged with extroverted energy that I had developed over the past three weeks.

So off I went at 4:30pm planning to cycle from Broadmead to Downtown Victoria and back down the Lochside Regional Trail with about an hour of time as Helen was treating us to dinner at The Blue Crab Restaurant at 6:30pm. We had to leave a little early as it was Canada Day and downtown Victoria traffic and parking was bound to be busy as we had to go right past the Parliament Buildings.

Downtown Victoria, Victoria Harbor and The Johnson Street Bridge at 5pm – half and hour to Downtown Victoria and a half and hour back to Broadmead.

As I stood with The Grand Pacific Hotel on my right and The Johnson Street Bridge on my left the notion of The Fulcrum & The Tipping Point came to mind.

johnson street bridge.jpg
The Johnson Street Bridge

grand hotel.jpg
The Grand Pacific Hotel

The significance of all of this is;

– The Grand Pacific Hotel was the site of one this years first gigs and the site of the last non-niche gig that I have presented
– The Tipping Point is something that has been top off mind over the past couple of weeks as Leading Advisor is starting to see glimpses of The Tipping Point taking effect as;
o a full practice of one on one clients is imminent as we will sellout by September
o we are booking more and more workshops
o we are marketing a retreat for January 2007
o we are attracting more and more speaking gigs

As I reflect on the picture of The Johnson Street Bridge I’m observing that Leading Advisor requires the following that will form as Ballast to kick The Tipping Point over the edge;

– An updated speaking folio
– More consistent speaking marketing
– A revised web site
– CE Credit qualification
– A book
– 4000 e-newsletter readers

The above is a brief yet pretty accurate list of what just comes to mind of what it will take to have the business Market Itself or reach The Tipping Point

Onward and upward!

victoria July 1 014.jpg
This is shot of The Galloping Goose Trail –

I managed to log in about 80km over strong cycling over the weekend. The path to enlightenment can take many forms. The weekend of June 30 / July 1 is The Tipping Point for 2006 – we are half way through the year and blessed with many, many successes. What would happen if I were to sit down and ask myself the question “where do I want to be on December 31, 2006?”

victoria July 1 012.jpg
Laura in front on a Pink Cadillac – actually a Metropolitan Nash 🙂