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The following steps will streamline your hiring process

Do you want to work with an expert with 30 years of experience advising, coaching, and mentoring financial advisors, including the following steps to hire positions in Canada and the USA?

  • Executive Assistant
  • Marketing Assistant – Licensed Insurance and Mutual Funds
  • Office Assistant – Licensed Insurance and Mutual Funds
  • Successor

Why are we successful? We help our clients get clear on who they want to hire. In doing so, we write the ad copy that attracts the right candidate that we qualify through assessments and benchmarks, and interviews.

Through this process, we present sustainable candidates.

We manage the hiring project so that you can get back to doing what you love: working with your clients.

Please let me know if you want to streamline your hiring process and eliminate the guesswork and headaches. sreilly@leadingadvisor.com

The following steps will streamline your hiring process.

  1. Research your unique value proposition via your website.
  2. Interview you, asking you a series of questions and receiving the answers from you that will give us the essence to write the ad for the;
    1. Assistant
    2. Associate Advisor
    3. Executive Assistant
    4. Successor
  3. Develop the ad.
  4. Post the ad on your behalf.
  5. Receive and proof the resumes by email.
  6. Request qualified candidates to complete 5 to 7 questions to qualify them further.
  7. Assess the candidates to qualify them.
  8. Telephone interview the candidates and qualify them. 
  9. Present the qualified candidates to you.
  10. Coach you through the hiring, onboarding, and retention process.