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The First Flight In 175

I’m safe and sound at my home office in Parksville, BC.

Laura said do you realize that out of all of the cross Canada flights that you have done in the past two years to 70 speaking presentations crossing Canada many times from Nanaimo, BC to Moncton, NB, that Wednesday night’s flight into Nanaimo that could not land due to fog and snow, was the first flight that has not worked out.

Here is how I came up with the math of 175 flights.

When I speak I usually fly out and do two speaking presentations per trip and it is usually two – three flights there and two – three flights back so that is;

• 70 gigs divided by 2 (gigs per trip) = 35 X 2 flights there and X 2 flights back = 140 flights
• 70 gigs divided by 2 (gigs per trip) = 35 X 3 flights there and X 3 flights back = 210 flights

I averaged 140 + 210 = 350 / 2 = 175. Then again it took me 6 flights there and back when I spoke in Grande Prairie, AB and Thunder Bay, is another story.

🙂 I’m back on a plane on Sunday to Calgary, Alberta for a Pro-Seminars Presentation and a meeting with Desjardins Financial Services about speaking opportunities.