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The Fine Art Of Surfacing


Whew! Up for air and thank goodness that October was one of those five week months that comes along every once in a while.

I’m using this Blog ( and due to the length, this Blog has turned into my Personal Reflections Article for my November E-Newsletter ) to get myself sorted out after a second weekend in a row of being completely away from business. While this Blog may appear to be selfish, it’s my belief that you may be able to gain some clarity and focus in your own business and personal life by reading what is going on in mine.

With 50% more clients than last year and a strong speaking schedule this fall, with two of the trips being away for a week or more, I was tired out after returning last Thursday, October 26th from four speaking presentations in Ontario. The bright side is I have three speaking presentations left this year; November 19th in London, ON and two in Vancouver, BC on November 26th.

Even with taking a three day weekend Friday October 26th – Sunday October 28th, I was still tired at the beginning of the week on Monday, October 29th.

At this stage, you might be saying what is Simon talking about here? Letting the whole world in on he was tired out and he is supposed to be the coach!

Marketing is about being authentic and it is about providing lots of information so that you can disqualify yourself if you don’t like what I have to say while I am providing both the business and the human side to those who may want to enter the world of Leading Advisor.

At the same time, this Blog is testimony that we do an excellent job of pre-managing our time to allow for coaching, speaking, writing, planning and rest. If I need the rest, I use the writing and planning days – period.

Since September 1st, I have been investing all of me energy into coaching, speaking and writing because this is our harvest time of year as you will see from the following numbers.

o 37% of our sales come in October – December
o 22% of our sales come in January – March
o 31% of our sales come in April – June
o 10% of our sales come in July – September

Yet even though it is harvest time and it is my prime directive to coach, speak and write, I had to let the writing go last week in favor of business planning and rest and I am including an extensive review of my experience in my November E-Newsletter.

Given that we started September of this year with 50% more business than last, we will sell out soon.