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The Final Cut

The movie The Final Cut starring Robin Williams & Mira Sorvino was on TV last night – I just happened to notice it – I didn’t watch it.

What caught my eye was the Tag Line.

the final cut.bmp

Every moment of your life recorded. Would you live it differently?

For what it is worth, you can read the entire Tag Line and a Summary of the Movie at the bottom of this Blog.

This segwayed into a Message that I wrote to a client today;

It is better to deal with problems in gradual step by step amounts versus …

– Life is about messages.
– Sometimes you get the message and you get an attainment.
– Sometimes you choose not to hear the message and then you have a problem.
– Sometimes you choose not to deal with the problem and then you have a crisis.
– Then you get the message.

Why is it that many people just try to smooth over what is brewing below the surface only to have it blow up 10 x worse in the future because they didn’t take the time and follow some advise to easily deal with the problems now?

Kill the monsters, while they are little.


– photo courtesy of www.amazon.com

Sidebar – there are one of those days of while on the side of delivering a very serious message, I get to have some fun at the same time. In searching for an image for a monster, I ran across this photo with the following tag line. I could not resist putting this in the Blog.


– Something is under Simon’s bed. He can hear it breathing. Is it a monster? Simon has to find out. He shines a flashlight under the bed, to discover that something is hiding there — but what? This warm and humorous story will delight any child who has ever envisioned monsters lurking in the bedtime darkness.

Is it a monster or just your untrained dysfunctional ego mind?

Many people are hypnotized by their dysfunctional ego mind and have let the turn the Monsters under the bed into repeated patterns of survival consumed by limiting beliefs of;

– I don’t have enough time
– I don’t have enough money
– I’ll deal with it later
– I’ll loose control
– The problem is so big that I will not be able to fix it
– If I change then other may not like the real me
– I’ll make it work, not mater what, using the system that I have – even if it kills me!

“Kill the monsters, while they are little” so to speak. It is not just me that talks about this in the Financial Advisor Industry;

“You cannot achieve anything personally or professionally from a starting position of low self-esteem.” – Dan Sullivan.

Thoughts are real forces –

What ever you believe you are right.

A Cigarette TV Commercial from the 60’s proclaimed;

“Some people would rather fight than switch”

More like –

“Some people would rather die than switch”

Life is about messages.

the final cut.bmp

The Final Cut

Every moment of your life recorded. Would you live it differently?
Memories weren’t meant to be movies.
In the end, he sees everything.