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The Emotionally Intelligent Men’s Wearhouse

George Zimmer
Founder, Chairman of the Board and CEO Men’s Wearhouse

The Men’s Wearhouse provides excellent service and value and I buy all my dress shirts from them in volume at incredible prices and I would have to pay triple here in Canada for the exact same product.

I always tell my clients to become a recognized expert and ad value to your clients in as many areas you can … it’s not all about financial services.

Here is a great example of an article published by The Men’s Wearhouse on Emotional Intelligence which has nothing to do with and everything to do with retailing men’s clothing.

The Value of Emotional Intelligence
People often ask me the secret to our success. The answer’s simple: it’s all about creating lasting relationships with our customers, vendors, and employees. That’s why we spend so much training time trying to improve the way we relate to each other, as well as the way we relate to everyone we do business with. The foundation of our relationship training is the use of Emotional Intelligence, or EQ. Simply put, EQ is the ability to recognize and manage the response to emotions in oneself and others, the ability to motivate oneself, and the ability to nurture positive relationships. Because self-awareness is an important cornerstone of Emotional Intelligence, we talk about it extensively in training. We also train managers to help their teams become self-aware by providing sensitive but honest feedback. This results in team members being understanding of customers’ needs and being able to respond in an appropriate manner. The following is a list of some of the ways we work to encourage Emotional Intelligence in the workplace: Promote active listening between all levels of employees

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